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Policy on Recruiting

USA Swimming adopted a Code of Conduct, applicable to ALL member athletes, coaches, officials and other non-athletes. This Code of Conduct is part of Article 304 of the Rules and Regulations of USA Swimming.

Prohibitions against recruiting are a part of the Code of Conduct which applies to ALL members of USA Swimming. The prohibition against recruiting is set forth in Article 304, specifically Section 304.3.13, as follows:

The mission of USA Swimming is to encourage participation and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of swimming. USA Swimming grants the privilege of membership to individuals and organizations committed to that mission. The privilege of membership may, therefore, be withdrawn or denied by USA Swimming at any time where USA Swimming determines that a member or prospective member's conduct is inconsistent with the mission of the organization or the best interest of the sport and those who participate in it. ” In order to assist all members to better serve the interests of those who participate in swimming, USA Swimming has adopted this Code of Conduct.

  • 304.2. Any member or prospective member of USA Swimming may be denied membership, censured, placed on probation, suspended for a definite or indefinite period of time with or without terms of probation, fined or expelled from USA Swimming if such member violates the provisions of the USA Swimming Code of Conduct, set forth in 304.3, or aids, abets or encourages another person to violate any of the provisions of the USA Swimming Code of Conduct.

  • 304.3. The following shall be considered violations of the USA Swimming Code of Conduct:

    • 304.3.13 Action, other than through general advertising, by a coach, owner, officer, volunteer, representative, or employee of a swim club, or a USA Swimming or LSC employee, either through direct contact with an athlete or the encouragement of others, to recruit or otherwise encourage an athlete who is already a member of a USA Swimming member swim club to leave that club unless the acting party receives prior written approval to recruit or encourage the athlete to change affiliation from the designated club representative of the athlete's existing USA Swimming-member swim club or contact is initiated by the athlete, the athlete's parent or authorized representative.  




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