6th Annual Swim-A-Palooza & Team Banquet
MAY 11
Time: 12:00 PM
Tampa Preparatory School 727 W Cass Street Tampa FL, 33606
Jason Bowes Email
Dear Members,

As we gear up for our 6th annual Swimapalooza, we're excited to share some fantastic news and an opportunity for you to make a real difference in our swim club's future.

But first, let's talk about what we need: $12,000 to finalize the installation of our last pace clocks from last year's fundraiser. Yes, we thought we had it all covered, but we missed considering the electrical work needed under the pool deck and the fabrication of steel stands for the last remaining clock. With one clock already installed, we're so close to completing the project, and we're eager to get it done, especially before summer hits.

Now, for the exciting news! We're thrilled to announce that Olympians, Olympic medalists, American record holders, and NCAA champions Alex and Gretchen Walsh will be gracing us with their presence next weekend. They've chosen Tampa Prep and our facilities for a photo shoot to launch their new clothing and swimsuit line for the 2024 Paris Olympics. This is a huge deal for us, and we couldn't be more excited to host them.

As part of the excitement, we're kicking off our fundraising efforts for Swimapalooza in a big way. The top four (4) fundraisers by next Friday, March 29th, will have the exclusive opportunity to take a picture with Alex and Gretchen, holding their Olympic medal, and even get that picture signed and autographed! It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and we want you to be a part of it.

Now, you might be wondering why we're pushing so hard for these upgrades. Last year, we shared our need for new timing clocks. Our current ones were outdated and unreliable, putting our swimmers at a disadvantage during training and competitions. Tracking progress becomes a hassle, and we don't want anything holding our swimmers back from reaching their full potential.

Your support is crucial in ensuring our club's success. With your help, we can provide our swimmers with the best equipment and opportunities to shine. Tampa Bay Aquatics has a rich history of success spanning over 20+ years. Our swimmers have achieved numerous state and national championships, proudly representing the United States on the international stage. We're committed to continuing this legacy of excellence, but we can't do it without you.

By donating towards our pace clock upgrades, you're investing in the future of our club and the success of our swimmers. Every contribution, no matter how small, makes a significant impact. Together, we can make waves and propel our club to new heights.

So, how can you help? It's simple. Share our fundraising page with your family, friends, neighbors, and local businesses. Encourage them to donate and support our cause. Even raising $100 can go a long way in helping us reach our $12,000 goal. Please make sure you indicate your swimmer/family/group when you make your donation so we can track.

Thank you for considering our request and for being a valued member of our swim club. Your generosity and support mean the world to us, and we're grateful for the opportunity to continue making a positive impact in our community.

Let's dive in and make Swimapalooza 2024 our best one yet!

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