(Please make sure all equipment has swimmers names on it)


TBAY SWIM CAP  (Silicone $12 and Latex $5)

Fins   *Please purchase proper size*

Kick Board


Mesh Bag  Email Coach Clem: [email protected]

Nose Clip Purchase 2 sets, it will be good to have a back up

Drag Socks  Medium Size - Please use discount our code (TBAY10CTP)

Sensory Mitts Regular Size  - Please use discount our code (TBAY10CTP)

Tempo Trainer

Swim Bag/Backpack (Code = TBAY)

Pull Buoy (Please do not get Jr. Pull Buoy)

Paddles (Please ask coach in regards size)  

Water Bottle 

Goggles Due to the Florida sun & training year-round outside, everybody should have dark tinted mirrored goggles

Chute (Please get ''16)

Parka (Code = TBAY) – During the winter season it does get rather chilly outside, especially when the swimmers are getting out of the water. 

Proper Running Shoes


Home & Travel

A lot of the swimmers will be sore and need help with the recovery process.  These 2 below items will help them while they are resting at home or when traveling at swim meets.

Foam Roller  (this size is great for travel)

Massage Stick (might be able to find it cheaper at Target or Wal Mart)


**We are not responsible for any lost, misplaced or stolen equipment**