Group Descriptions


Training Structure

TBAY offers practice groups for beginning competitors and national competitors alike.  Practice is held daily at Tampa Preparatory School, overlooking downtown Tampa and the Hillsborough River.  This location attracts swimmers from all over the Bay Area, and is conveniently located just off I-275.  Coach Bowes will work with you to find a training group that suits your training, fitness, and lifestyle goals,with groups for all levels and abilities.  With winners at the local, regional, state and national level, TBAY is the best place for each swimmer to realize their full potential!



Training Groups


Mighty Bucs

This training group is designed for the beginner swimmer.  To be in this group the swimmer must be able to swim across the pool and float without any assistance.  Swimmers in this group learn all four competitive strokes as well as how to dive and do flip turns.  The main focus is on creating a fun and safe environment that introduces swimmers to competitive swimming and prepares them to compete in swim meets.

Practices are held up to four times a week for 50-60 minutes each session.  There is not an attendance requirement with this group, however consistency and attendance play a huge role in the progress of swimmers.  Swimmers in this group also compete in Mini Meets once a month.


Lil Bucs

This training group is designed for young swimmers ages 7-11 that have some prior swim experience but may not know all four strokes yet.  To be in this group the swimmer must be able to swim four lengths of the pool as well as swim two out of the four strokes proficiently.  Swimmers will build upon skills they have already learned to improve their strokes, dives, and turns.   Dry land training is also introduced to swimmers as a fun and vital aspect of training for swimming.

Practices are held up to four times a week for an hour and 15 minutes each session. There is not an attendance requirement with this group, however consistency and attendance do play a huge role in the progress of swimmers.   This group competes in both Mini Meets and USA Sanctioned meets monthly.



Age Group Performance 2 (AGP2)

This training group is designed for advanced swimmers ages 8-13 who know all four strokes proficiently and swim in USA Sanctioned meets regularly.  This group continues to focus on improving all four strokes, improving starts and turns, fundamental dry land exercises and accountability.  Swimmers practices are more structured and focus on building an aerobic base while incorporating drills, kicking and racing.  The goal of this group is to prepare swimmers for FLAG’s (Florida Age Group Championships).

Practices are held up to five times a week for up to two hours each session consisting of dry land exercises, stretching, introduction to goal setting and swimming.  It is expected for swimmers in this group to attend the majority of practices, as practice time is vital to success.  This group competes in USA Sanctioned meets regularly.



Age group Performance 1 (AGP1)

Swimmers in Age Group Performance 1 have significant experience in competitive swimming and can demonstrate proficiency in all four strokes. Athletes expand their repertoire of dry land exercises (out of water) and also learn more advanced stroke drills and stroke improvement techniques.   AGP 1 athletes begin to train incrementally while emphasizing distance per stroke and economy of motion.   Athletes in this group learn and refine race strategies in preparation of competitions.

Behavior goals of AGP1 include:

-demonstrate ability to lead a training lane

-demonstrate ability to understand both a verbal and a written workout

-demonstrate ability to listen to coaches and apply stroke improvements

-demonstrate compliance with team warm-up and warm-down protocols at meets

-show consistent preparation—be equipped and on time for every workout

-understand that a positive approach to workouts and meets raises the level of personal and team performance

Practices for this group are held up to five times a week for up to two hours a session.  Swimmers attendance is extremely important in the success of the swimmer and the team and it is expected for swimmers to attend the majority of practices.


High Performance

The High Performance group provides the program and atmosphere necessary for success at State, National and International competition. Athletes demonstrate a full commitment to the sport and their team with their behavior and attitudes.  They refrain from activities that will have a negative impact on their ability to progress in the pool and as a person. Athletes in the TBAY High Performance Group serve as role models for all members of the Tampa Bay Aquatics program, reflecting the mission statement of USA Swimming: To build, promote and achieve competitive success.

While not all members of this group may have State, National and International qualifications, all members will exhibit the characteristics, demeanor and approach of athletes seeking State, National and International success.  High Performance group is structured to produce outstanding Athletes and Leaders through our environment, culture, preparation, commitment, nutrition and the desire to achieve personal greatness.